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tv   [untitled]    March 12, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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with its elegant rotunda, the reflecting waters of the sub rounding lagoon and fraying rant eucalyptus trees, special dates and memorable proposals. it is the perfect picnic spot to relax with that special someone by listening to water and fountain in the lagoon and gazing as the swans go
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gracefully by. beautiful to view from many locations along the lagoon and inside the columns is an ideal place to walk around with your loved one. the palace of fine arts is the most popular location in the city arts system. reservations for weddings and other events a> >> hey san franciscans, get ready to have fun. this thursday march 14 celebrate pie day puzzle party in so many a
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come have fun and test math skills and party competition. play solo or play with others. bring your scratch paper and pencils. if math isn't your best subject, maybe the free urban tasting game of events. come this thursday and enjoy a variety of bourbons collections. this is great if fun for all of you bourbon consores. while having a great time. the colorful festivities will celebrate arts and crafts and many others. come see the
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parade down market street and enjoy the festival from 10:00-5:00. as the irish saying goesaccess gov tv san francisco
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government television.
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>> good evening. the regular meeting for the board of education for tuesday march 12, 2013 is now called to order. roll call please. thank you.
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>> thank you. /phaoez join me in the pledge of allegiance. can i hear second? thank you. this is for january 22, 2013. roll call please. >> thank you. miss lee, my wong, mr. haney, miss mendoza,
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miss nor tan. item b. present to the board. >> thank you president norton. good evening. a few comments for tonight. or school site planning was held on march 2. it was very attended. i want to thank everyone that attended. this was an opportunity for everyone to learn about the district's goals moving forward and how to create a plan for how our sites will allocate and use their resources. if you were not able to attend this year's summit, we look forward to seeing you next year. in the meantime, we encourage parents to have a robust conversation
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about using resources aligned to budget priorities. we also urge you to look at the school's website where the powerpoint presentations talking about the district goals are also going to be posted. i believe they're already posted so we invite you to look there as well. as you know, march is nutrition awareness month. we focus on promoting our wellness policy and promoting nutrition education lessons in diabetes and heart disease. schools can promote healthier eating by adding foods that are bright in color and limited chips and candy. it is the perfect opportunity to practice healthy eating habits so i encourage
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everyone to make a commitment to healthier lifestyle. i also would like to mention that i, along with our superintendent, had the honor and privilege of being able to perform with the school of the orchestra in the play of 42 street. how about a round of applause for the students. while the students were so gracious in allowing us to sit in with them, we were absolutely impressed with the level of musicality and professional i. demonstrated by the students there. we are so very fortunate gnat to have them as part of our district and also their director who was very accommodating. we had a great time and i look forward to other opportunities to sit
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in. we also had a fantastic youth arts festival in our city. this ten day long event is a celebration of student creativity showcasing students as writers, dancers, actors, et cetera. live music, theater and dance performances. we are very thankful that it is put on by the asian art /phaou see /phaou -- we'll practice -- >> you expect us all to play, yeah. >> so thank you to them. they were wonderful. in this week's
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examiner column i wanted to draw your attention to our ongoing budget discussions. we're currently operating in uncertain budgetary times. we hope that that in fact comes to fruition, however, the legislature has not voted yet, but we may see some increase in funding due to prop 30 which we supported in very high numbers and we may some additional resources which includes local funding formula. we will continue to keep you abreast. i had the opportunity to be in washington dc this weekend with commissioners wynn, haney and
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mendoza. there is much work to be done on capitol hill, many people don't appear to be speaking about finding solutions so we'll keep you up to date on what happens and what develops and how that will affect us. pi day is coming up. this includes reciting piems instead of poems. google pi and see how many digits
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there are. we want to encourage everyone to engage in that activity. it's a lot of fun with math. again, have a great march. spring break is almost upon us. >> item c. we have [inaudible] university women's [inaudible] summer program on the occasion of women's history month. may i hear a motion please? thank you. commissioner [inaudible] is the sponsor of this accommodation. would you read it for us please? >> i'd be happy to start us off with my sponsors and i'll start and they will continue. thank you. whereas the mission of the american association of university women founded in 1881 is to promote equity for
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all women and girls. and the seven star award winning san francisco branch is committed to supporting our diverse community by increasing opportunities for women and girls, initiating collaborations and mentor ships and providing leadership for community impact. >> whereas the landmark 2010 aau study why so few, the women in science engineering in mathematics shows statistics women in this field. these barriers include stereo types, gender bias in the colleges and universities. the continue to block women's progress in these fields and offers
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recommendations to further open [inaudible] in 1998, aau launch a summer camp to help middle school 7th grade girls to continue their interests in engineering and math. despite [inaudible] to address the deficiencyings /tkepl -- demonstrated in the 2010 report. those girls that would benefit most from the program and as a reflection of this commitment to /soes owe economic diversity, the aauw [inaudible] week long residential camp conducted at stanford university and sonoma state universities and...
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>> whereas more than 150 [inaudible] unique program often setting them on an of the program have come from everett [inaudible] james [inaudible] martin luther king junior, [inaudible] clear lily, hoovers james lake, benjamin franklin middle school. each school receives copies of the odd vocation forms [inaudible] and were has expressed his commitment to expanding december /treubgt programs in to seven fields to better
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prepare students for [inaudible] focused its agenda on a strategic approach to execute this bill. we commend the american association of the university women's expresses its deepest appreciation for the support the branch has shown to advance the [inaudible] by middle schoolgirls. >> thank you. i don't have any public speakers signed up for this item. i was thinking we could have comments from the board vote and then if you wanted your guests to say a few words after we present the certificates. any comments welcome from the board members. any comments from board members? >> just if i may say i'm a proud member of aauw and have
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been aware of this program for a number of years and wanna commend the association but the local chapter for the wonderful work they do. i've been to some of their events, they're fantastic. >> thank you. any other comments. >> i just wanted to thank commissioner [inaudible] for having such a full and robust presentation. we heard quite a few presentations and also from [inaudible] university women so really this is just in lock step of what we're doing here in san francisco unified school district and i'm grateful that we're creating a partnership and growing friendship to help move along into this field and encourage young women in their college years to move forward to fabulous careers so thank you very, very much.
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>> agreed. all right. roll call please. thank you, miss lee, miss williams, [inaudible] miss wynn and miss martin. >> all right. so would you like to do the honors of presenting the certificate... >> i would. >> it's time to applaud. >> good evening commissioners and friends. i'm kathy, president of aau w san francisco and we're delighted to be here to tell you about
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tech trek. i am aaw members have earned at least a two year degree from an accredited university. one of our successful programs that you are commending today is tech trek providing scholarships for middle schoolgirls to attend math and science camps and we're still accepting do nations to send 15 girls to summer camp this summer. if you'd like more information about our branch, log on to
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aaw.sforg. tech trek dove tails with the [inaudible] learning opportunities and to target underrepresented populations. thank you commissioners for the commendation a wonderful recognition of the hard work of our cochairs, our tech trek committee members, donors and friends. and last but not least, the tech trek girls. thank you. >> good evening commissioners.
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i'm delighted to help shepherd aaw and tech trek. this came about when we saw 7th girls were losing interest in math and science. the first residential camp opened at stanford university in 1998. schools are encouraged to nominate girls to the program. each girl gets a full /kol scholarship to attend. michelle wong will follow who also went to stanford camp. so shannon. >> 10,080 amazing minutes with
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75 total strangers my own age. seven days of studying /pha*ts and science at a college campus. i have to thank aaw camp for working so hard to send me to tech trek. this has allowed me a once in a lifetime chance that meant the world to me. >> good evening. tech trek. never have i ever been part of such a


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